Dirk has helped us with everything from gutters to windows to Christmas lights, and always does excellent work!


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Window cleaning

We can clean any window, big or small, high or low. We have experience with storm windows, screen doors, irregularly shaped windows, or limited access windows. We always have the capability to use our ropes or water-fed poles to access tough to reach windows. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, and will come back out to fix any windows that aren't up to your standards, free of charge.


Christmas and Holiday Lights

We charge a flat rate of $6.00 per linear foot to create and install custom made strands of lights, that will be the perfect length for each side of your house that you want lit, without splices. This price includes all wiring, sockets, bulbs and clips to get the bulbs perfectly aligned on your eaves, gutters or ridges (The price does not include extension cords to reach your nearest outlet). An average house frontage needs 70-110' of lights, so expect $350-$550 for the first year. Then only pay for reinstallation and removal every year after.


For installation of existing or newly purchased light strands, we charge $3.00 per linear foot which includes all clips, but does not include extension cords.


Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing is billed at a flat-rate, $80/hour, and we use your water source. We have tools for cleaning building siding, using a soap mixture, and even have attachments for pervious concrete. We can handle any sized pressure washing jobs. We are even boom lift and scissor lift qualified for commercial pressure washing jobs.


Roof Cleaning

We use our ladders and safety harnesses to safely access your roof and remove all the moss and debris off the roof with our hard bristled push brooms. This is the best tool for most types of roofing material, but we have alternate methods of cleaning roofs to ensure we don't do any damage. We sprinkle a zinc sulfate mixture along the ridges of the roof, which gets spread over the entire roof the next time it rains to inhibit future moss growth.


Gutter Cleaning

We use our ladders (and if needed, our safety harnesses) to clean the gutters, and place all debris into a garbage bag which we take away with us. You'll never even be able to tell we were there, except for your gutters working properly next time it rains.


Commercial Services

See our Commercial Services page for information on all of our services for businesses, construction professionals, and advertising firms.

Christmas lights we hung for a client in Tacoma WA