Our owner Dirk hanging from the side of an 8 story building where he was caulking and painting for "punch list" on a new construction building. We offer this for all post-construction cleans, at any height.


"Working with Dirk has been a pleasure. He has superb customer service skills! Also, I was very pleased with the quality of his work and I'm hoping he is able to clean my windows regularly!"


Liliana E. - Normandy Park



What do you charge for your services?

    **We have now transitioned almost completely to self-quoting for our clients. Please read below for how to come up with an

    accurate quote for the services you require.**

  • For window cleaning we charge based on size and type of windows, and how easy or difficult they are to access. Pricing for standard windows is $6 per pane if it requires an extension ladder, $5 per pane if not (lower level, most interior windows). Therefore, for a one-story house the price would be $10 per pane. Small French panes are priced fractionally - generally 1/4 of a full pane. If your home is on a slope or other type of lot that makes access with a ladder difficult, expect to pay more. Please see below for photos of what constitutes a "pane." We can also assist with quotes via text or email if you are able to send us photos.
  • Same with pressure washing, each job is different but we can quote over the phone or email if you send us photos and a description of the work. Our pricing is typically $100 per hour, per machine.
  • For gutter and roof cleaning and even Christmas lights, we have flat-rate pricing that make it easier to calculate yourself. Give us a call and we will walk you through the price per foot and available options, but please be prepared to submit a photo via text or email that shows how steep and how large your roof is.

As always, we give discounts for performing multiple services on the same trip, or for recurring services (see below).


What constitutes a "Pane?"

  • A pane is just that: one plate of glass, regardless of size (with exception of french panes, which we'll get to next). So whether you have a huge sliding patio door, or a 2'x3' double-hung window, they both have two panes for pricing purposes. Most window cleaning companies charge more for large windows, but we choose not to for ease of quoting and more transparent pricing.











When can you get us on your schedule?

  • We do everything in our power to get out to you within a week, and we presently hit this target over 95% of the time. We are pretty sure we are the only company in town who can say this.


What if we find a mistake or aren't happy with part of our service?

  • Give us a call! We will be back out promptly to make it right, whatever is required. We stand behind all of our work 100%.


Are you licensed and insured?

  • We are licensed in the state of Washington and every municipality we operate in. We are insured for $2,000,000.


Do you give discounts for frequent cleanings?

  • Of course! We offer increasing discounts for greater frequency, up to 30% off for monthly cleanings. We also offer a pre-pay program where you pay at the beginning of the year and get priority scheduling and further discounts on each cleaning. Our prepay program with at least two services per year includes a free gutter cleaning (max value $150) every year!


Do you offer any other discounts?

  • We offer 10% off for any Veterans, and any disabled or senior citizens (leave the dangerous work to us). 15% off for Disabled or Senior Veterans, and any foster homes.