"Dirk has helped us with everything from gutters to windows to Christmas lights, and always does excellent work!"

Sue - Best Western GH

About us

I have been cleaning residential windows, roofs and gutters for over 20 years, as well as pressure washing and any other type of home maintanance projects I've been requested to perform. I began when I was 16 while working for a friend's business in Spokane, WA. I continued working for him during the summers while I attended the University of Washington, and then took a hiatus for the 6 years I spent in the Marine Corps after graduating.


After leaving the military, I started my own window cleaning business in Seattle. I networked with my friends who had become home builders and focused on new-construction cleaning for the first 6 years of the business. Then an opportunity came up for me to get into high-rise window cleaning which helped fill the adrenaline void that came with civilian life after the military.


We also have a high-access division (Stay Glassy LLC) that handles any elevated work that needs performed, with sign installations and construction punch list assistance being the most common requests. I've installed brick, caulked, painted, and even cut concrete panels with skilsaws while dangling off the sides of buildings. Needless to say, we are experts in any type of residential maintenance you need, and if not, we will use our connections to get it done for you.


I moved to Gig Harbor in the Spring of 2020 after marrying a local Gig Harbor girl. Between being a newlywed and the lockdowns, I decided to return my focus to residential window cleaning so I can stay close to my family. Give us a call and I'll be right out to give you a quote!


- Dirk, Owner